Laser Tattoo Removal Course (includes Laser & IPL Laser Safety Officer certificate training)

Bravura EducationThis online course covers laser safety in the first module (Laser Safety Officer Certificate) and ink colour, laser types and wavelengths and professional and clinical practice principles in the second. Clinical practice templates are provided as are numerous resources. Also provided is a clear log book for the recording of any practical experience obtained under supervision to assist in preparation for any national licensing reforms. Assessment is an online, open book exam.

Who is it for?
Doctors, nurses, beauty/dermal therapist or anyone who currently performs laser tattoo removal or are planning to in the future.

How long does it take?
Both modules may take up to 14 hours to complete.

What if I just want to do the tattoo removal part and not the Laser Safety Officer Certificate?
No problem. Just contact us and we can organise for you to complete that section of the course only. Cost: $595


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