New Job

New Job? The Feelings Of Being New

new-job1By the time you were hired the feeling is ecstatic, right? The enthusiasm is overflowing that you’d want to treat everybody even before you get started.

new-job2And the actual work is to start… You woke up extra early because you wouldn’t want to be late on the first day of work and until you’re out of your probation period. But does it mean you can be late after your probationary period??? Of course not!

The feelings of excitement and apprehension of how you are going to perform will be evident but just remember that you were picked among many other applicants, and you passed all exams, training and assessments so you should be confident that you can do the job.


new-job5Then, you walk around your new workplace where you’ll be spending at least 8 hours a day and it seems like you’re walking on another planet. Don’t worry, just like moving into a new home, you will feel at home soon.

You are now being oriented about the things you need to know and the things you need to do. You are now seated listening to all the jargon and overflowing information that you’re trying to chew on as fast as you could, pressuring yourself to comprehend and memorize everything including the new logins assigned to you.

new-job6You have to write down all information as much as you can, like your new login details. It may be a minor thing but the need to contact the company’s IT to reset your password as soon as you have set it up can add stress on you, plus it’s really going to be annoying because you’d be wasting everyone’s time.

You will also be introduced to your new colleagues, department heads, managers and clients. The need to remember their names is an additional burden at this time. It may be hard to memorise all the names but making an effort would be advantageous. Knowing their name when you bump into them in the hallway will impress them.

new-job7Then you meet the big boss… and the boss looks serious and strict! So you get rattled to see him/her walk towards you. You don’t know if you will go back and pretend to forget something on your desk or to keep going and greet your boss with a smile even when you’re trembling deep inside, introduce yourself if you haven’t been introduced to him/her yet or if the boss can’t remember you. Smile, make eye contact and confidently introduce yourself, it speaks volumes, even if your not feeling quite that confident.

new-job8Mistakes are always possible when you’re new in the job but don’t get frustrated, it’s a learning process. Don’t even think that your are unfit for the job. Everyone makes mistakes, even the experts. But hey, remember learn from them so you don’t continue to make them.

The first few weeks may mean sleepless nights. You may even dream about all the information you received or what you need to do the next day.

new-job9There may be times where you don’t know what to do and you are afraid to ask, especially with information overload. Just keep calm, be positive, be focused and ask. Generally you will find your Manager is happy to help. They’d appreciate your honesty. Don’t pretend to know things, people hate that and it leads to mistakes.

new-job10Learning can sometimes be really exhausting but you’ll master everything in time. Bear in mind that everyone went through what you are experiencing now being a first timer. Just be patient and learn to persevere. The key is to keep asking, keep learning, keep your cool and be positive! Always think that you can do it, that you are hired because you are qualified, and that you’ll be a part of the company’s growth. Lastly, keep smiling and enjoy what you’re doing, a positive attitude is the key to success in the workplace and also makes you the sort of person your co-workers will want to be around.


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